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Time Talks: History, Politics, Music, and Art

Oct 18, 2021

Brandon LaBelle on Autonomy, Sonic Imagination, Listening, Acoustic Justice, Bioacoustics, Audism, and Anarchism


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Sep 20, 2021

Graham Clumpner & Scott Olsen on Iraq, Afghanistan, Imperialism, Accountability, Anti-War Action, Climate Catastrophe & Mutual Aid

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Aug 18, 2021

Gerald Horne on Jazz and Justice, Hip-Hop, Archives, DIY Spaces, Patriarchy, Direct Action, Charles Mingus, and Current Struggles

Jazz and Justice: Racism and the Political Economy of the Music:

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Aug 5, 2021

Melancholy Joy Mixtape ft. carla joy bergman

In this episode carla and I complied a mixtape of songs that feature melancholy joy. Songs that we go to and have gone to in times when we felt melancholic and needed to bounce back, sad songs that bring joy, songs that inspire resilience. Below are links to the spotify...

Jul 20, 2021

Lwazi Lushaba on South Africa, Decolonization, Autonomy of Thought, Limits of Marxism, Time, and Genocide

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