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Time Talks: History, Politics, Music, and Art

Jan 26, 2022

Prison Abolition Mixtape ft. Bursts from The Final Straw Radio

In this episode Bursts and I made a mixtape of songs that speak on the horrors of the prison industrial complex and songs that are inspired by prison abolition.

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Dec 18, 2021

Theresa Warburton on Literature and Discussions on Contemporary Anarchism

Dr. Warburton:

Shapes of Native Nonfiction: Collected Essays by Contemporary Writers

Other Worlds Here: Honoring Native Women's Writing...

Nov 17, 2021

Sandy Grande on Red Pedagogy, Red Praxis: The Politics of (Elder)Care and Indigenous Liberation

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Oct 18, 2021

Brandon LaBelle on Autonomy, Sonic Imagination, Listening, Acoustic Justice, Bioacoustics, Audism, and Anarchism


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Sep 20, 2021

Graham Clumpner & Scott Olsen on Iraq, Afghanistan, Imperialism, Accountability, Anti-War Action, Climate Catastrophe & Mutual Aid

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