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Time Talks: History, Politics, Music, and Art

Jul 28, 2020

This week, my friend Pearson from the podcast Coffee With Comrades joined me to talk about revolutionary hip-hop and hardcore music. Pearson and I created a mixtape of ten songs: 5 hip-hop tracks, 5 hardcore singles. We pushed them all together and created a meditation on sonic revolution, DIY practice and ethos, and reflected on the assembled songs' themes and ideas. This episode was a blast to record and we hope you really enjoy it. 

You can also listen to the mixtape as a playlist on Spotify and YouTube!


Talib Kweli - The Proud

Rise Against - State of the Union

Big $ilky - Look At God!

Incendiary - Front Toward Enemy

Sole & DJ Pain 1 - The Teachings of Cube

Stray From the Path - First World Problem Child (feat. Sam Carter)

Dead Prez - Police State

Silent Planet - Northern Fires (Guernica)

Sima Lee - What is Freedom?

Stick To Your Guns - Against Them All