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Aug 5, 2021

Melancholy Joy Mixtape ft. carla joy bergman

In this episode carla and I complied a mixtape of songs that feature melancholy joy. Songs that we go to and have gone to in times when we felt melancholic and needed to bounce back, sad songs that bring joy, songs that inspire resilience. Below are links to the spotify playlist, transcript, and links to carla's work:

The spotify playlist is missing some songs from our episode that aren't on streaming platforms. We also added 20+ more songs to the playlist and talk more about why we chose them on the show.



Links to carla's podcast Silverthreads, the Grounded Futures podcast, carla's book Joyful Militancy with Nick Montgomery, Radiant Voices (book), and Joyful Threads Production:

Sourgout's music:

Music by AwareNess: Bandcamp

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Show Playlist:

1. Bob's Your Uncle - Talk To the Birds

2. Organized Konfusion - Invetro

3. Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush - Don’t Give Up

4. Andre 3000 - Me&My (To Bury Your Parents)

5. Tracy Chapman - Fast Car

6. Pet Shop Boys - Miserablism

7. Nat King Cole - Nature Boy

8. Sade - When Am I Going To Make a Living?

9. Holly Cole - I Don't Want to Grow Up

10. Juice WRLD - Legends

11. Burial - Untrue

12. Sole - Last Earth (feat. William Ryan Fritch)

13. Time, Maudlin Magpie & A Thousand Vows - I’ve Always Loved The Monsters

14. SBTRKT (feat. Sampha) - Trials of the Past