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Time Talks: History, Politics, Music, and Art

Dec 24, 2020

Dr. Gerald Horne on the Dawning of the Apocalypse, Settler Colonialism, Anti-Slavery Rebellions, and Internationalism

Horne's most recent book is The Bittersweet Science: Racism, Racketeering, and the Political Economy of Boxing, in this episode we mostly discuss the other book he released this year The Dawning of the Apocalypse: The Roots of Slavery, White Supremacy, Settler Colonialism, and Capitalism in the Long Sixteenth Century

In this episode Dr. Horne discusses the crusades, the transition from religion to race that led to the project of whiteness, class collaboration between settler colonists, rebellions by enslaved peoples and internationalism.

Music by AwareNess, follow him on Instagram, Bandcamp.

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